Ian Smith returning to iconic television role as Harold Bishop on Neighbours

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Beloved television star Ian Smith is returning to his iconic television role as Harold Bishop on Neighbours.

Smith originally starred between 1987 and 1991, then returned in 1996 until his departure in 2009.

Since then, Harold has made multiple guest appearances, including in the soap’s 2022 finale.

When Neighbours was revived on Amazon Freevee last year, Smith rejoined again but left after a health scare.

Now, Harold is set to make another comeback to Erinsborough.

“After 15 years of living away, the legendary Harold Bishop is returning to Erinsborough,” the soap shared on social media.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ian Smith back to the show and the opening titles, where he belongs.”

Fans responded to the post with excitement.

“Absolutely amazing news to wake up too. Welcome home, Harold,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “The best news. The show misses an elder character like Harold.”

It comes after Smith previously indicated he was keen to retire from acting.

How Harold makes his way home remains a mystery for now.

In the meantime, Neighbours fans can join in the celebrations for the show’s 40th anniversary, with a UK tour kicking off in February 2025.

The full cast line-up for the tour will be announced at a later date.

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