Highrise announces the launch of Highrise Studio and Highrise 4.0 to enable creators to build with Unity

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Pocket Worlds, a technology enterprise fostering shared experiences to foster global connections, disclosed the launch of Highrise Studio and Highrise 4.0 through its flagship platform, Highrise. Being the foremost mobile platform facilitating the seamless creation of immersive environments and engaging games, these enhancements reflect Highrise’s ongoing dedication to empowering creators to express their ingenuity and generate revenue from their creations.

Highrise Studio and Highrise 4.0 revamp the virtual world experience

Highrise, which has amassed over 40 million users, is a creative virtual world where people make avatars, express themselves, and create deep friendships along the way. Boasting 680,000 weekly users who spend an average of 90 minutes in-game, Highrise has become a hub for user-generated content (UGC) that’s not only engaging but also in lockstep with pop culture trends, by featuring accessories like a Baddie Red Carpet jacket and Stan-cups.

Highrise Monetization
Image via Pocket Worlds

The new Highrise Studio is a suite of development tools enabling creators to build in Unity, the most popular and accessible game engine. Creators can develop without limits, creating entirely new 3D game modes, environments, assets, and more. These creations deploy into the Highrise world with one click. Highrise Studio is made possible by Highrise 4.0, a complete rewrite of the Highrise world in Unity, which also provides quality-of-life updates to players, including richer character and profile customization.

Creators earn income from their published content through the Creator Exchange program, which provides compensation based on sales and engagement time. In 2023, over 5,000 designers created unique items, resulting in almost half a million paid to creators. Highrise 4 is live and available for players immediately. The new Highrise Studio is also available today for creators to begin using and deploying their creations into Highrise.

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