Fans go wild as MAFS star reveals big spoiler

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A Married At First Sight star has angered fans after appearing to reveal a huge spoiler for the 2024 series.

Jayden and Eden have won over fans with their chemistry since first appearing on the show, and the pair seem to be getting it on like a house on fire.

However, MAFS is a tumultuous environment, and there’s no telling how couples will end up as the process continues.

That was until Jayden’s brother and former MAFS villain Mitch shared a social media post on Instagram.

Back in October, Mitch shared a series of snaps including one that appears to be with Eden’s beloved labrador.

Eagle-eyed fans have found the post, and claimed that “Channel 9 won’t be happy” as they slammed the reality star for sharing what appeared to be a major spoiler.

“Isn’t this showing us that Eden and Jayden stay together! Surely Channel 9 wouldn’t want you posting this!” ranted one fan.

Another replied sarcastically: “Dead giveaway, thanks Mitch x,” with a third adding: “Thanks MITCH!!!!!!!!”

A fourth follower was quick to spot the resemblance, adding: “Edens dog!! lol”.

Meanwhile, Jayden was first revealed as the brother of MAFS season nine groom Mitch Eynaud on an episode this week.

Mitch, who starred on season nine and was paired with Ella Ding, left her broken-hearted during final vows when he decided he wasn’t up for the commitment.

Revealing his own regrets about the experience, Mitch shared on Wednesday night’s episode that he wishes he had “trusted” the process more.

“Very nostalgic, this. Very nostalgic,” shared Mitch. “I didn’t trust the experiment. I wish I’d trusted it now, a little bit more, and to open up and be myself. That I regret. I wish I’d poured my heart out and been more honest.”

However, Mitch doesn’t believe the problem with commitment runs in the family, and he went on to share his belief that his brother’s marriage will go very differently.

“But Jayden and I are very, very different. Yeah, I like it, man. I don’t necessarily have that very melty, soft side like he does. So he’s gonna go all the way. Go big, don’t wig. I just hope she doesn’t judge and make judgments about me,” said Jayden, hoping that his bride Eden doesn’t judge him for his brother’s mistakes.

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