eFootball 2024 Season 6 ‘Bring the Energy, Bring the Noise’ brings new events, special players, and more

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KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is bringing a new season of football entertainment, and from the tagline for this season, I say, something exciting is coming. The eFootball 2024 Season 6 ‘Bring the Energy, Bring the Noise’ will be bringing plenty of new events and campaigns, special players, and more, which I will give an overview of the same in this article, so let us jump right in.

The tagline prompted a mixed reaction from me. I think it may be referring to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals currently underway, which could explain the energy and noisy excitement mentioned in the tagline. Apart from that, the seasons worldwide will be coming to a close too and hence can be attributed to it.

Brazilian League Kick-off Campaign

The Brazilian League kick-off campaign marks the beginning of the new season with a celebratory event, and the pattern is somewhat similar to what we had in the previous seasons. Players can participate in various activities such as special objectives, events, and chance deals. Throughout the campaign, you can log in to receive free chance deals as login bonuses.

Season 6 eFootball campaign
Image via KONAMI

By completing campaign objectives related to the Brazilian League, players can earn experience points, GP, chance deals, eFootball Coins, skill training programs, and more. Additionally, special events like the Golden Goal challenge and Brazilian Clubs tour and themed events offer us opportunities to accumulate points, and earn rewards, and hence, I suggest not to miss out on any of these events.

New Special Players and Manager Packs

Now, I’m sure this is something that all of you have eyes on. Renowned players like J. Saviola, P. Lahm, D. Albertini, and others who have earned impressive accolades in their respective local leagues will be making appearances in the game. Release dates are not known, but keep an eye on our list of upcoming Epic and Big Time cards to keep an eye.

efootball season 6 managers
Image via KONAMI

Managers will also be making an appearance thanks to which your team will be able to get a boost in overall stats. The current lineup will include Pep Guardiola and Xabi Alonso, but I expect more to be arriving in the game.

Updated Match Pass

As expected, we will get the Updated Match Pass, helping you to enhance your team-building experience. The Value Match Pass and Premium Match Pass can be unlocked using eFootball Coins with two-player picks available as well, D. Szoboszlai and A. Lookman, which after a long time are great Match Pass players offered. Free Chance Deals are also part of the season so don’t miss out on them.

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