Dyson Supersonic r Professional: ‘Revolutionary’ new hair dryer you can’t buy

Dyson have unveiled an “entirely new” hair styling tool backstage at New York Fashion Week – but only a select group will be able to purchase it.

The British tech firm has redesigned its cult hair Supersonic hair dryer to create the “Dyson Supersonic r Professional”, a precision styling tool available exclusively to hair stylists.

Launching in Australia in June, the device has been made to fix “an industry-wide problem”, and help prevent strain related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome which are highly prevalent within the hair expert community.

“A stylist will typically see between 4-16 clients each day, spending on average 30 – 60 minutes styling per client, adapting their angle up to 30 times during one styling session,” Dyson said.

“These insights informed the Dyson Supersonic r hair dryer, providing professionals with an agile and adaptive tool that responds to real world demands is essential while delivering superior styling experience and results.”

In order to address these concerns, Dyson have created a hair dryer unlike anything ever seen before, creating a “unique” r-shaped device that is 30 per cent smaller, 20 per cent lighter and more manoeuvrable than the OG.

“The Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer builds on the technology and knowledge we have developed, offering fast drying and styling benefits for all hair types with no heat damage,” Gavin Galligan, Senior Design and Development Manager, at Dyson Beauty said.

“Our new streamlined heater technology developed for this machine is a world-first, combined with our high-speed motors enable the lightweight form factor, and fast precise airflow.”

The “revolutionary” curved heater, made of symmetrical foils which form a suspended track, enables hair experts to “deliver superior styling experience and results.”

“This track delivers efficiency, through maximum exposure to the airflow, with minimum impact on the flow rate and performance,” Dyson said.

“This high-pressure air through the unique curve heats the airflow more evenly, with no hotspots.

“This means that the user experiences increased evenness of temperature even when using attachments, a higher temperature for styling, and drying hair fast, with no heat damage.”

Dyson said that due to the new shape, expert developers had to re-engineer it’s infamous heater technology to reduce size while increasing performance, providing stylists with a lighter, more agile tool to combat common complaints within the stylist community – achy arms, dull hair and extreme heat damage.

“The result is a heater that is small and power dense, made from twenty-eight 99.9 per cent copper microfins that transfer heat evenly into the airflow for increased precision when styling and greater hair shine,” Dyson added.

It remains powered by the Dyson Hyperdymium motor and the product’s advanced attachments also contain intelligent radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors which communicate with the hair dryer, automatically adjusting the motor and heater to deliver optimal airflow and temperature.

“This functionality provides intuitive adjustment of the tool to suit all hair types and styles,” the brand stated.

“For example, the diffuser is set to low flow and low temperature to reduce frizz and enhance curls without disrupting the curl pattern, while the rough dry mode uses max power heat and flow to minimise drying time while maintaining controlled airflow.

“Attachments also have the ability to remember the last used settings, reducing the time required for adjustment.

“If preferred, users have the option to customise the settings to suit different hair types and needs.”

The Dyson Supersonic r Professional hair dryer is paired with three precise airflow settings and four heat modes, including constant cold shot.

These are controlled with ergonomically placed buttons within a thumb’s reach and LED indicators on the handle that have been designed for stylists to use with ease and not interrupt their styling session.

Dyson announced it is spending $885 million on developing 20 new beauty products that will launch over a four-year period in January 2023.

The British founded tech giant, once best known for its range of vacuum cleaners, ventured into the hair care space in 2016 with its launch of the Supersonic.

It has since become a market leader in the beauty space, with the Dyson AirWrap and Corrale all proving just as popular as the OG Supersonic.

However its most recent beauty gadget for everyday users, the Dyson AirStrait, has yet to arrive in Australia despite launching in the UK and US in June last year.

James Dyson described the “game-changing” new hair straightener, which can smooth and dry hair in one go, as one “no one has done before”.

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