DOFUS Touch, a free-to-play MMORPG, relaunches globally on Android and iOS

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ANKAMA, an independent French company known for its creation, publication, and global entertainment distribution, has reintroduced DOFUS Touch, a free-to-play MMORPG, that has relaunched on iOS and Android platforms. Developed by teams hailing from France and Japan, DOFUS Touch offers mobile players an MMORPG adventure characterized by tactical, cooperative combat, all presented in a fusion of Western cartoon aesthetics and Japanese anime influences.

DOFUS Touch promises an exciting MMORPG experience as it gets relaucnhed on mobile devices

Originally launched in 2016, the mobile MMORPG DOFUS Touch has now introduced a new English server, an enhanced early-game experience, and a revamped UI as it gets relaunched. Within this immersive world, players embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries surrounding powerful dragon eggs called Dofus within the World of Twelve.

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This narrative serves as a prequel to the popular “Wakfu” animated series, currently streaming on Netflix. DOFUS Touch offers a comprehensive MMORPG experience, presenting:

  • 15 Original Characters: Featuring a unique roster of playable characters, DOFUS Touch diverges from conventional fantasy archetypes. Players can select from various options such as the time-bending Xelors, the enigmatic Masqueraders, the technologically adept Foggernauts, the summoners known as Osamodas, and more.
  • A Vast Mobile World: The game unfolds across a sprawling landscape comprising over 10,000 maps teeming with quests, items, and diverse monsters. Brave over 70 dungeons to secure legendary loot and confront formidable adversaries.
  • Cooperative Combat: Engage in tactical, turn-based battles where collaboration is key. Coordinate with allies to execute powerful combos utilizing elemental and strategic spells.
  • Genuine Free-To-Play Experience: Access to all game content is available without any monetary investment. Optional purchases include bonus packs, cosmetic items, and additional services.

DOFUS Touch is available for download on Android and iOS.

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