‘Dodgy’: Woman’s defence of Sydney suburb sparks wild online debate

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A woman has defended the “dodgy” Sydney suburb that she lives in, claiming people who badmouth the area don’t actually know what they are talking about.

Angeli Yuson lives in the Campbelltown region with her young family, and she’s been defending the area online over claims it is a “dump” and not somewhere anyone would chose to live.

Campbelltown is a located less than an hour outside Sydney’s CBD and doesn’t have the best reputation.

It is no secret that Sydney is often labelled as a divided city. Locals tend to stick to the inner eastern or western suburbs and, to the people who live in these areas, anything outside of that is labelled sketchy or uncool.

There’s also a clear wealth divide. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, the median income in Sydney’s eastern suburb Woollahra was $3192; in Campbelltown, it was $1700.

Ms Yuson, 37, recently moved back to the suburb after a stint with her family in America. She said that she “chose” to live in the area even though she could afford to live closer to Sydney’s CBD.

“I think people who don’t live in Campbelltown have a perception that it is dodgy and not a safe place to live,” she said.

Sydney Mum sticks up for her suburb

Ms Yuson claimed people often think they’ll be “robbed walking down the street”, but in her experience, the suburb feels safe.

She said people’s assumptions about the suburb are often wrong, and when she posted about her love of the area online, it became immediately clear that Sydney’s divide isn’t a made-up phenomenon, and people do really judge the area harshly.

“Let’s face it. If we could afford to live in a nicer area we would,” someone commented.

“We have extended family around Liverpool/Campbelltown but would never live there,” another claimed.

“Campbelltown is a dump compared to anywhere other than western Sydney,” one wrote

One added: “Be honest. It’s dodgy compared to literally anywhere on the coast.”

Ms Yuson doesn’t agree with this mentality.

Sure, she was able to buy her family home for under $1 million there, but she also genuinely appreciates what the area has to offer.

“When looking for a house, I loved that the Campbelltown LGA still has lots of land. I love the greenery and large land in the area. There are so many areas still undeveloped, which makes it look ‘farm-like’ but still in the suburbs,” she told news.com.au.

It isn’t just a case of it being all Ms Yuson experienced when she was younger; she lived in trendy inner city suburbs like Waterloo, Redfern and Pyrmont, but ultimately chose to return to Campbelltown.

The area provides everything her family needs: A handy train line, shopping centres like Macarthur Square, a good selection of schools, and more affordable housing.

Ultimately, she thinks the area is looked down upon because of people’s snobbery rather than their experiences living there.

“There still are housing commissions in our area, but I think people perceive this negatively. I don’t, and I have no issue living near government housing,” she said.

“Crime in certain suburbs of the Campbelltown LGA can be higher than outside this area, but in the suburbs that I’ve grown up in and lived in, I haven’t had major issues with crime.”

Ms Yuson would like for people to see the value in this part of Sydney.

“There is a lot of discussion about Western Sydney but there are not many people talking about South West Sydney. It is an up-and-coming area, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it grow and change since the 80s.”

While not everyone agreed with Ms Yuson’s assessment of the south-western suburb, there were a number of commenters who came to her defence.

“I used to live in Campbelltown area and never had an issues whatsoever. I don’t really understand the reputation it gets,” one commenter said.

“Campbelltown and the MacArthur region is its own special community and for families. Ctown has such a bad reputation, I have no idea why,” another wrote.

Another added: “I don’t tell anyone the marvel of Campbelltown. wide roads, green spaces and convenient to m5 and m7 and affordable food stores takeout, produce, butchers.”

One commenter even admitted that they used to have the “worst perception” of the area, but that completely changed when they moved there.

“I loved it everyone was so nice and the sense of community was surprising to me! Loved the diversity,” they wrote.

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