Dating ‘calculator’ determines if your match is out there – or you’re just delusional

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A matchmaking service in the US has developed a dating calculator to help singles decipher what percentage of potential suitors “meet their standards”.

With over 117 million singles in North America alone, according to last year’s census, there has to be a match out there for you somewhere – but your chances of finding Mr or Mrs Right may be slimmer than you think, especially if you’re picky.

While dating company Keeper first released its calculator in July 2023, founder and CEO Jake Kozloski told The New York Post it underwent a major update last week.

The tool, he explained, “shows you how rare your perfect person is”.

“Most of us fall in love with someone who isn’t an exact picture of our ideal,” Mr Kozloski added.

“When you discover new things to love about someone, some of the things you can search for on the standards calculator may seem less important.”

The “Standards calculator” allows participants to select 14 traits they desire in a partner, including gender, age, height, minimum income, family plans and habits.

Keeper compiled data from the 2022 Census Bureau and the 2017-2020 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine how many eligible partners are available per the calculator user’s preferences.

For example – if you’re seeking a male partner who doesn’t want kids, is between 22 and 42 years old, over six feet tall, has a minimum income of $100,000, white ethnicity with blonde hair, blue eyes, has a master’s degree, believes in Christianity, doesn’t smoke or drink and is not married or obese, Keeper’s calculator results show there are just 0.001 per cent of men who hit the mark.

“That’s 1650 of 164,977,341 American men,” the site reads.

While the calculator uses data from the US, singles in any country – including Aussies – are free to use the tool. Just keep in mind the results will show you your supposed compatibility with American men or women only.

Many people refer to the calculator as the “Preferences Calculator, the Delusion Calculator, the Reality Calculator, the Build-A-Man Calculator, or the Build-A-Woman Calculator”, according to Keeper’s website.

While the tool “can help you to understand the probability of finding your ideal man or woman” by revealing the percentage of the population who meets your standards, it’s not going to help you figure out who exactly that person is.

Conversations among users on the social media platform X revealed a range of percentages from people in search of their one and only.

One user, @fallinotes, posted her results from the site, revealing that “0.022% of all men in the United States meet your standards. That’s 35,295 of 164,977,341 American Men”.

Another person, who goes by @verdobe_ on X, claimed “Y’alls (sic) standards are too high”, with their results showing “78% of all women in the United States meet your standards”.

Meanwhile, the single woman behind @lolmisslindsey on TikTok posted a clip showing how she used the calculator to determine what a “catch” she is.

“Only 370 women in the United States that fit my f**king demographic, so he better check himself,” she said.

“Good luck replacing me because there are only 369 other versions of me.”

This article originally appeared on The New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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