Dare Iced Coffee introduces dairy-free range

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One of the biggest iced coffee brands in Australia now comes with a twist on two of its favourite products.

Dare Iced Coffee is introducing two dairy-free products — Double Espresso and Mocha — to it’s existing collection.

Customers of the brand have been begging for dairy-free options as far back as 2018.

“Absolutely love Dare iced coffee. Other products just don’t compare. But I’ve recently gone vegan and can no longer justify your deliciousness. Is there any chance you would consider making a non-dairy version? I know a fair few people who would buy it if you did,” one social media user urged.

Another added: “I can’t tell you how much I crave a Dare. But because I am now allergic to dairy, I cannot have it anymore and it makes me very sick. When are you guys going to bring out a dairy free range? Honestly the people need this.”

Another said: “I know you’ve probably been asked a million times but will you guys be making a non-dairy Dare?”

Dare Dairy Free will be available at independent supermarkets and convenience stores from April 15. Coles supermarkets around the country will begin stocking it from April 29 and Woolworths from June 22.

Adelle Cosgrove, the marketing manager for iced coffee at the Bega Group, said: “We’re thrilled to introduce Dare Dairy Free, a great-tasting option for those seeking a dairy free fix without sacrificing the enjoyment of a classic Dare Iced Coffee experience.”

“This launch is not a farewell to dairy, but rather a hello to great options in Dare’s legendary line-up. We welcome all Aussies who are seeking a dairy-free iced coffee to pick up Dare Dairy Free next time they’re on the go.”

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