Damning detail exposes Tim Tszyu corner team farce after Sebastain Fundora loss

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Tim Tszyu is leaving Las Vegas with his reputation enhanced despite losing his world title fight with Sebastian Fundora on Sunday.

That respect and admiration came at a terrible price — one that many believe did not need to be paid.

Tszyu’s corner is under fire after the sickening scenes during his split decision defeat at T-Mobile Arena.

The defeat leaves Tszyu suddenly without a clear path forward with Fundora ordered to defend his belts against pound for pound king Terence Crawford. — instead of taking a re-match with the Australian.

That snub is the ultimate insult considering the lifeblood spilt by Tszyu in the ring.

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Previously unbeaten in 24 fights, Tszyu started well against his taller opponent before a brutal gash to the front of his head changed everything.

An accidental elbow came in the final second of the second round and it took an extended period of time before the PBC on Prime Video broadcast crew even realised a massive cut had opened up at the top of Tszyu’s forehead.

From there it turned into a bloody mess with Tszyu’s blood pouring down his face and at times completely smothering his vision for the final 10 rounds.

The cut was assessed by the ringside doctor at the end of the second round and again at the end of the fourth.

Had the fight been called off at the end of the fourth round, the judges’ scorecards showed the fight would have been called a draw.

Had the plug been pulled before the end of the fourth round, Tszyu could have escaped with a “no contest” result.

It is just one of several reasons why Tszyu’s camp is under fire for potentially failing to protect the fighter from himself.

The most serious claim to have emerged is that Tszyu’s corner did not have the appropriate ointment needed to treat the head wound.

As first reported by News Corp, Tszyu’s cutman Mark Gambin did not seem to have any of the three ointments traditionally used for such deep, gushing wounds.

Tszyu responded by saying “no comment” when asked if he was happy with the ointments available to his team.

The report reveals Tszyu’s response was only motivated by his desire not to take any credit away from Fundora — and was not a sign that he was unsatisfied with his team’s performance.

Despite that, the sickening vision of Tszyu looking like something from a horror movie resulted in widespread condemnation of the team and ringside doctor for not stopping the fight.

Aussie boxing legend Billy Dib was among those suggesting Tszyu’s corner showed “inexperience”.

“Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but the fact is Tim‘s corner didn’t stop the fight and Fundora capitalised on Tim’s injury and got the win,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The inexperience of Tim’s corner showed but that’s ok. Provided there’s a rematch Tim will write the wrongs and regain championship status.

“After the fourth round they go to the scorecards and tim wins on points as he was up.”

Hall of Fame boxing promoter Lou DiBella said Tszyu was “let down” by his team.

“After this fight, there needs to be some analysis of the performance of Tszyu corner,” he wrote.

“They let the kid down.”

DiBella also wrote: “Where. Was. Tszyu’s Corner?????? Do you think a Manny Steward or Lou Duva fighter would have been out there for Round 4? It wasn’t only the cutman. A strategic decision needed to be made in the corner before round 4 began.

“Right guy won. Two real fighters fought their asses off. Cut changed everything, but both men elected to fight. Big fucking boy #boxing stuff. A memorable main event that couldn’t have been scripted. A sharp elbow changes the course of a division. Good show tonight.”

Main Event’s Ben Damon said it was “unbelievable” that the fight wasn’t stopped early.

“No point having a doctor if they aren’t willing to stop a fight when one man has been hit by an axe,” he posted on Twitter.

“Unbelievable this wasn’t stopped at the end of 2.”

Boxing writer Lukasz Fenrych posted: “Tim Tszyu fighting on with that cut goes down as an all-time bad decision in boxing. And, given the desire to fight in the heat of the moment, totally let down by his corner and indeed by the doctor.

“How the f*** he was allowed to fight 10 rounds like that?”

Tszyu’s camp released insider vision of the aftermath to the fight on Monday morning and the footage showed no signs of friction within the camp.

“There’s no one in this room that doesn’t love you mate,” Tszyu’s manager Glen Jennings said when addressing the entire team in the dressing room.

“There’s no one in this room that doesn’t care for you deeply. We are so proud. And regardless of tonight’s outcome, you’ll always be our champion. And from here, Timmy, we go forward. We don’t go backwards. A little time to heal mate and we’re back in the trenches.”

He also explained the injury in the video released by No Limit Boxing.

“Sadly you can see it’s about an inch and a half long,” he said.

“It took ten stitches. Very deep. And unfortunately in the top of the scalp, one of the major bleed zones and it’s just impossible to stop. It happened in the last second of a round. So the corner’s already going up, prepared to do their job, but not prepared to stop somebody turning on a gardening tap on top of your head.

“The fact that he just told you that he couldn’t see, still didn’t stop him. He’s a very special athlete mate, you know, there’s very few that can sit there after a loss and say that. So to be able to perform as he did and to be a one point swing, that’s about as good as it gets. Amazing, truly amazing.”

Tszyu himself said after the fight that he believed the fight was going to be called off when the injury occurred.

“In my head yeah I actually did in my honest opinion. I thought there was no way this can continue,” he said.

“I haven’t really seen the replay yet so I’m curious to see how big it actually was and how much, because there was a lot of blood.

“In all honesty I started landing the shots and then, I don’t want to make excuses, but this cut was quite frustrating.

“I remember as soon as it happened, it was like a fountain.

“I was like ‘no way’. It is what it is, he came back and I guess he got me by a point and that’s all it took.”

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