Cristiano Ronaldo watches The Undertaker lift trophy at Riyadh Season Cup Game

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned footballer, found himself in an unexpected matchup as WWE legend The Undertaker made a surprise appearance before a Riyadh Season Cup game.

The unforeseen event occurred as Ronaldo stood in line alongside his Al-Nassr teammates, preparing to face off against Al-Hilal on Thursday.

As the anticipation built, the iconic theme music of The Undertaker reverberated throughout the Kingdom Arena, signalling his arrival.

In a remarkable sight, The Undertaker emerged from the tunnel, adorned in his full WWE attire, captivating the audience with his presence, to the point that fans claimed the moment was the “peak” of football.

Amid the excitement, The Undertaker stepped onto the pitch, where both teams were lined up before kick-off, and had the honour of laying his hands on the prestigious Riyadh Season Cup trophy.

Footage from the event showcased The Undertaker lifting the trophy – in a similar fashion to the classic urn that would accompany him to the ring, held by the late great William ‘Paul Bearer’ Moody (his former manager) – leaving spectators, including Cristiano Ronaldo, in awe.

The presence of The Undertaker at the game was explained by WWE’s ongoing partnership with Saudi Arabia, which regularly hosts premium live events.

Ronaldo’s involvement in the event is part of his deal with Al Nassr, which extends to outside opportunities, such as his appearance at a boxing event alongside Conor McGregor in December.

WWE fans were left in absolute shock as they took to social media following Undertaker’s staggering appearance.

One pro wrestling enthusiast tweeted: “This is the bestest entrance of Undertaker ever.”

Another commented: “Football peaked here.”

A third posted: “I can’t believe I missed this.”

This fan said: “This is so random crossover.”

And that one stated: “Football has reached its highest point.”

It comes ahead of the anticipated Wrestlemania 40 press conference in Las Vegas, where The Rock and Roman Reigns are set to confront each other in front of the media, alongside Cody Rhodes, who will be making his decision about his Wrestlemania main event title match after his victory at the Royal Rumble.

Recently, Ronaldo took to social media to express gratitude for the birthday messages he received as he entered the final year of his 30s.

The football superstar marked the occasion by returning to training after recovering from a calf injury and spending quality time with his family, including partner Rodriguez and their children.

While Ronaldo celebrated his birthday, The Undertaker, a WWE icon, reflected on his retirement from in-ring action in 2020. In a recent conversation with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, The Undertaker revealed that he doesn’t believe he can resurrect his iconic “Deadman” character after the documentary The Last Ride.

Despite stepping away from wrestling, The Undertaker has made sporadic appearances, engaging in memorable clashes such as his encounter with LA Knight and Bron Breakker in NXT.

The appearance of The Undertaker at the Riyadh Season Cup game, donning his signature black hat and coat, seemingly contradicts his statements to Ariel Helwani about retiring The Deadman character.

However, in the context of the squared circle, he probably means The Deadman will never appear again inside the ring.

Despite that, Mark Callaway, the man who has portrayed the Phenom since November 1990 at Survivor Series, continues surprising fans with occasional appearances outside of wrestling, adding an intriguing layer to his legacy.


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