Couple reveal the moments before they were hospitalised in shocking Bali scooter crash

A young couple have revealed the moments before their perfect Bali holiday turned into a “nightmare” when they were involved in a horrific scooter crash.

Alina and Andrew Van Voorst were visiting the popular Indonesian island in late January when they went out for the day and “never made it back to (their) Airbnb.”

The American couple later shared photos and videos from hospital where they had undergone multiple surgeries for broken bones and gashes, and revealed they had been involved in a terrifying collision with a truck.

“Little did we know while making this that in a few hours my white skirt would be covered in blood, his shorts will be ripped apart, and we’ll go through the most traumatic life changing accident of our lives,” Mrs Van Voorst posted to her 61.3 thousand TikTok followers along with a video of the couple dancing and laughing.

Despite hundreds of comments asking the influencer what happened, Mrs Van Voorst said she would not explain the accident “cause I wanna share as much as I’m allowed to right now. And could use the extra prayers”.

Prior to the accident the married couple had been busy posting enviable highlights from their trip.

“Always an adventure with my wife. Praise God that we are alive! Don’t watch the last video if you have a weak stomach. Pretty rough on the eyes. So thankful for our lives and for the people around us who supported and prayed for us,” Mr Van Voorst posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

“(We) rode a moped in Bali and some guy in a truck turned in front of us,” he explained to his followers in the comments about the collision.

It is understood the couple have cancelled their holiday and flew home to the United States where they will undergo further treatment for their injuries.

After the terrifying crash Mrs Van Voorst revealed the couple were planning “to get matching tattoos in Bali but had to settle on matching scars instead”.

The revelation is one of many the social media influencer has shared with her followers, including videos of the duo riding a scooter before the accident which she said “didn’t age well”.

The Van Voorsts have been contacted for comment but did not respond by deadline.

It comes only weeks after a young Sydney father, Kyle Malligan, was taken off life support at Nusa Dua’s BIMC hospital following another horror scooter crash on January 13.

The 24-year-old was holidaying in Bali just weeks before the birth of his second child when he fell off his scooter and hit his head.

The tragedy is the latest incident to reach Australia after Bali police announced a crackdown on tourists using motorbikes in November 2023, following the death of three foreigners in the space of one month.

A rumour that suggested tourists would no longer be able to rent motorbikes in Bali at all had been circulating for months until Indonesia’s Deputy Tourism Minister Ni Made Ayu Marthini set the record straight during a visit to Melbourne in October.

When asked Mrs Marthini whether the ban was going to happen, she said there was no flat out ban but rather stricter rules being enforced – meaning it will likely become harder for Australians to rent a motorbike in Bali in an effort to curtail notoriously high road accident numbers.

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