Bonkers 2v1 MMA fight descends into chaos as referee KO’s fighter who kept kicking rival in bum

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Chaos erupted at a bonkers MMA event in Romania after the referee knocked out one of the fighters.

Alexandru Bobicioiu agreed to an unusual 2v1 bout in which he came up against Meci Cedi and another fighter going by the name of Dustinel.

The contest began with Bobicioiu and Cedi exchanging kicks while the latter swung and ended up catching the octagon wall.

He then started throwing several punches despite his teammate already taking down their opponent.

The chaotic brawl led to referee Yamato Zaharia being accidentally bundled over.

And after he regained his feet, the official saw Dustinel bizarrely boot Bobicioiu’s bum.

The referee was having none of it and took matters into his own hands, as you can see in the video above, knocking the backside kicker to the floor.

He then turned around and hit Dustinel with a powerful right-handed punch that left him rolling around in pain on the deck.

He then bounced back up only for official Zaharia to grab him by the neck and escort him out the ring.

Fans were left in shock by the crazy scenes, with one saying: “What the f**k is this?”

Another added: “What are the rules here?”

Referee Zaharia later claimed Dustinel had “consumed certain substances, alcohol” and he “didn’t even know who he was fighting anymore”.

Meanwhile, Bobicioiu wants the scrap replayed as he was not given the win due to Dustinel’s disqualification and his teammate Cedi quitting.

– This article originally appeared in The US Sun and was republished with permission

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