Beyonce’s new album was made ‘years’ ago, her mother says

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Amid a busy day for entertainment news yesterday at the Usher-headlined, Taylor Swift-dominated Super Bowl, Beyonce added to the chaos by using the sporting event to announce the release of her next album.

And if we’re to believe Bey’s mum, the album has been literally years in the making.

Beyonce starred in an ad during yesterday’s game for internet service provider Verizon, in which she teased the release of brand new music.

Shortly after that came an announcement: The second act of her multi-album Renaissance project will drop on March 29, with two tasters – singles Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages – released immediately, confirming the much-rumoured country music direction of this next record.

There’s been a lot of mystery around Beyonce’s Renaissance project since the first album dropped in 2022: We know it’s in three acts, but we hadn’t known when they were coming, or what they’d sound like.

But one candid admission from Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, yesterday left fans gobsmacked. Spruiking her daughter’s new releases on her Instagram account, Tina wrote: “I have loved this record for years, now so happy you guys get to hear. It’s amazing.”

One word was impossible for fans to ignore: YEARS? So Beyonce made this next album years ago, and her mum has been listening to it this whole time?

“FOR YEARS!? MISS TINA ALWAYS SPILLING TEA!” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Not Ms. Tina telling us she’s loved these records for YEARS,” another tweeted.

A lyric in one of the songs, 16 Carriages, certainly supports Tina’s claim. In the autobiographical ballad, Beyonce details everything from her rise to fame, to the breakdown of her parents’ marriage, to the pressures of being a huge touring artist.

“It’s been thirty-eight summers, and I’m not in my bed

On the back of the bus and a bunk with the band

Goin’ so hard, now I miss my kids,” she sings – the first line intimating Beyonce is 38 years old. Beyonce is now 42 – she turned 38 back in September 2019, which would suggest she at least wrote the song around four years ago.

So it seems we now know the only sure-fire way to get an advance listen on any new Beyonce music: Be her mother.

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