Best and Worst: Saudi fashion influencer and TV personality Nada Baeshen talks trends and travel

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DUBAI: The Saudi fashion influencer, TV personality and entrepreneur, founder of The Huntress, delves into trends, travel and strategies for productivity.  


Best film you’ve ever seen?    

“Legends of the Fall” is one of my favorites. It shows you how a person changes through wars and time. It has a lot of pain. It’s also a sad love story, it portrays a bond between a father and his boys, explores abandonment, and so much more. It resonates with me. 


Worst film you’ve ever seen?   

Many. I couldn’t pick one. But I think we’ve all wasted two hours on a bad movie at some point. 


Best personal style moment so far?    

I think my yellow David Koma look during Paris Fashion Week this past season was a memorable one. 


Worst personal style moment?    

The Miss Sixty colorful denim pants was my thing during my college years in Boston in the early 2000s. I think it was a major disaster, but I guess it was in at the time and I was perceived as stylish… 


Best accessory for a little black dress?    

A nice choker can add a simple touch, or you can make it grand if it has precious stones or diamonds.  


Worst accessory for a little black dress?    

Overdoing the accessories. Less is more. 

Best fashion trend of 2024?    

I think brown and maroon is very in at the moment and they’re easy to wear. Monochrome color matching in general is a trend. But personally, I don’t follow trends. I like to wear whatever suits me. 

Worst fashion trend of 2024?    

I can’t think of a specific one, but, to me, overdoing any look is a bad trend.  


Best advice you’ve ever been given?   

I think the best advice is what I tell myself personally. I have a strong work ethic and I’m an overachiever, in any situation. 


Worst advice you’ve ever been given?  

I don’t listen to irrelevant advice. Sometimes you have to let things pass over your head. 


Best thing to do when you’re feeling low?    

Get on a plane and travel. Or constantly stay focused with work and continue to strive towards new achievements. Or spend time with my family for a recharge.  


Worst thing to do when you’re feeling good?    

Talk about a subject that puts you in a bad mood.  


Best holiday destination?    

Colombia. It was one of my most memorable trips of 2023. 


Worst holiday destination?    

Bali, surprisingly. I visited recently for the first time in 12 years and, unfortunately, it had changed so much.  


Best subject at school?    

History. I have a fascination when it comes to dynasties, kingdoms, royalty, wars and stories from the past.  


Worst subject at school?    

Math. I didn’t test well. 


Best thing to do to ensure you have a productive day?   

Start your day with a workout to get energized. 


Worst thing to do when you’re trying to have a productive day?    

Oversleep and start your day late. It automatically puts you in a bad mood.  


Best concert you’ve ever been to?   

Madonna for sure! 


Worst concert you’ve ever been to? 

None! I don’t go to a lot of concerts, the ones I have been to have been amazing. 

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