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This Reverse 1999: Version 1.4 Phase Two update focuses on the new character 6 and delves into his backstory. The solitary Apeiron leader 6 pursues eternal happiness, determined to seek out the truth for his people, even at the cost of his prestige. I discovered that other content includes sign-in rewards, a new UTTU Flash Gathering titled “Wandering on the Shore,” and a variety of new events.

You can also engage in puzzle-solving quests and thrilling battles, exploring the new features of the 1.4 update such as the Panoramic Ripples Concert, As the Sand Remembered Puzzle Guide, 37 Build Guide, and Reward Redemption Guide. Elevate your gaming experience with valuable resources like tier lists, beginner’s guides, reroll guides, currency guides, and exclusive redeem codes.

Reverse: 1999 6 Banner

I’m excited about the new 6-star Arcanist banner in Reverse: 1999’s Phase Two Version 1.4 update. It features the stoic character 6 and is called “Seeker in the Cave.” I’m particularly interested in summoning 6, who belongs to the Intelligence Element. Additionally, I like that the banner includes a 5-star arcanist rate for characters like Click (Spirit) and Babyblue (Star).

Reverse 1999 6 Banner
Image via Bluepoch

This Seeker in the Cave banner will be available from March 28, 2024, to April 18, 2024. It’s fascinating how the title of 6 has been passed down through generations to every new Apeiron leader. I’m looking forward to exploring this new content and trying to summon these powerful characters.

Reverse: 1999 Sign-In Event – Treasure in the Suitcase II

The Reverse: 1999 Sign-In Event – Treasure in the Suitcase II is quite enticing. I found out that signing in for 10 days straight rewards you to claim up to 10 Unilogs during this period. Version 1.4 has been pleasantly surprising, especially because it brings more free Unilogs.

Reverse 1999 version 1.4 20 unilogs
Image via Bluepoch

These additional pulls provide more opportunities to summon strong characters, which is something I’m looking forward to. In the first phase, we received 10 free pulls, and now in the second phase, we have another chance for 10 free pulls.

Reverse: 1999 UTTU Flash Gathering – “Wandering on the Shore”

The UTTU Flash Gathering event titled “Wandering on the Shore” presents a captivating opportunity for players in Reverse: 1999. As someone who enjoys exploring new content, I’m intrigued by the chance to collect FAME cards during this event. These cards are the key to claiming La Source’s new garment for free, which is an exciting prospect.

Reverse 1999 FAME cards
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, I’m looking forward to the upcoming garment series called “Between Lines and Numbers,” as it promises fresh appearances and skill effects for arcanists like Lilya, Diggers, Sweetheart, and La Source.

Reverse: 1999 6’s Character Story, “Trudge in the Long Night”

Join 6 on a captivating journey through his character story, “Trudge in the Long Night,” within Reverse: 1999. Although details about 6 are scarce, being known solely as a solitary Apeiron leader, I’m genuinely intrigued by his enigmatic persona.

Reverse 1999 6 build guide
Image via Bluepoch

Completing his story promises not just engaging gameplay but also valuable rewards like growth materials and Clear Drops, enriching the overall gaming experience. I’m eager to explore 6’s narrative and unveil the mysteries surrounding this fascinating character.

Reverse: 1999 Sealed Records event

Get ready for the “Sealed Records” Event in Reverse: 1999 Phase Two! In this event, the little potionist and monitor assistant will search for hidden knowledge and wisdom in secret files. I’m excited about this new event, which starts on March 28th at 5:00 AM and ends on April 11th at 04:59 AM (UTC-5).

Reverse 1999 Sealed Records event
Image via Bluepoch

By participating, you can earn rewards like Clear Drops and Growth Materials. It’s a great opportunity to explore new stories and enhance your gameplay experience.

Final Thoughts

I’m excited about Phase Two of Reverse: 1999! There’s so much happening with 6’s character banner, intriguing storylines like “Trudge in the Long Night,” and exciting events such as the “Sealed Records” Event. I can’t wait to dive into 6’s story and uncover its mysteries. Additionally, the Panoramic Ripples Concert sounds like a fantastic experience. Overall, Phase Two seems like it’s going to be an amazing journey, and I’m eager to be a part of it.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse 1999: Version 1.4 Phase Two Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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