Azur Lane From Zero to Hero event brings four fresh shipgirls, new skins, and more

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The widely acclaimed naval shoot-em-up mobile game, Azur Lane, has announced its latest event, “From Zero to Hero,” which introduces four new shipgirls to the fleet, featuring two Super Rare characters. Players are urged to participate in the event to seize the opportunity of obtaining eight new skins and a plethora of exciting rewards, with the festivities concluding on April 10th at 11:59 PM (UTC-7).

Earn rewards and exclusive shipgirls during the Azur Lane From Zero to Hero event

During this captivating event, participants have the opportunity to experience a unique storyline available until April 10th, 2024. Throughout this timeframe, Commanders can accumulate PT by completing event stages, enabling them to redeem diverse rewards.

Azur Lane From Zero to Hero Devonshire
Image via Yostar Games

Notably, participants can aim to include the exclusive shipgirl, Devonshire, in their roster by accruing PT. Additionally, the event showcases the introduction of two Super Rare shipgirls, Friedrich Carl and Nubian, as well as the availability of eight new skins from the RPG Adventure series in the shop.

Azur Lane From Zero to Hero event brings exciting events

During the event, three fresh shipgirls hailing from the Royal Navy and one from Iron Blood take center stage. Adding to the excitement, Super Rare shipgirls Friedrich Carl and Nubian, alongside Elite shipgirl Liverpool, will experience heightened drop rates within the Limited Construction Pool. Additionally, Elite shipgirl Devonshire joins the roster as a milestone reward for Commanders who amass sufficient PT throughout the event’s duration.

Azur Lane From Zero to Hero Arkhangelsk Skin
Image via Yostar Games

The event also introduces eight captivating skins from the RPG Adventure series, including the lively L2D skin titled “Sadistic Demon” for Devonshire. Moreover, Commanders are presented with a special chance to lease outfits for Friedrich Carl, Devonshire, and Arkhangelsk using outfit vouchers, conveniently obtainable through daily logins. This ensures that participants fully engage with the diverse offerings of the event.

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