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Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately owned companies in the MENA region, has announced its strategic partnership with Saudi Coffee Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund, through its specialty coffee brand Jazean. This partnership will support local industries and embrace Saudi Arabia’s rich coffee heritage. This milestone is further enhanced by the opening of the 100th Costa Coffee store in the Kingdom, highlighting the company’s commitment to growth and expansion in the region and the Saudi market.

Alghanim Industries, the largest franchisee of Costa Coffee across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa by territory and its official representative in the region, is dedicated to showcasing Saudi Arabia’s rich coffee heritage and authentic local flavors and blends, with a focus on supporting the burgeoning coffee industry. Jazean coffee’s blends, produced in the Kingdom’s southern region, will be prominently featured as the “Coffee of the Day,” making them accessible to customers throughout the country. These distinctive selections will be available across the menus of all 100 Costa Coffee stores in the Kingdom.

Kutayba Alghanim, executive chairman of Alghanim Industries, said: “Partnering with the Saudi Coffee Company to introduce locally grown Jazean coffee beans into our Costa Coffee stores represents a significant strategic initiative that underscores our deep commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This effort shines a light on our continuous drive to support job creation and expand employment opportunities, aligning perfectly with the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It signifies our contribution to the local economy, our dedication to energizing the job market, and our celebration of the Kingdom’s rich coffee culture. We view this not merely as a business opportunity but as an avenue to support the community and safeguard the deep-rooted traditions that characterize this region’s identity.”

Mahmoud Samara, CEO of Alghanim Industries, said: “This collaboration, especially through integrating Costa’s esteemed brand with distinctive local concepts like Jazean coffee, not only underscores our commitment to innovation, community involvement, and the celebration of local heritage, but also opens the door to showcasing Saudi coffee beans across the region and potentially beyond, leveraging our position as the largest Costa Coffee franchisee. It embodies our strategic vision to enhance the consumer experience significantly, contributing positively to the Saudi economy and elevating the nation’s rich coffee culture on a global stage.”

Saudi Arabia’s drive to establish itself as a prominent force in the global coffee market is underscored by significant initiatives, particularly through the efforts of entities like the Saudi Coffee Company. These endeavors are focused on cultivating the southern region of Saudi Arabia to harvest some of the highest quality Arabica coffee found in the market. This strategic development of a vibrant local coffee culture complements the observed surge in demand within the Kingdom, reflecting a broader impact with substantial figures to match. In 2023, the coffee sector reached a valuation of SR15.3 billion ($4.07 billion), indicating a promising growth outlook for the coming years. Alongside this internal growth, Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the international coffee trade is notable, with more than $1 billion worth of coffee-related products imported in 2021 and an anticipated increase in trade value.

Khalid Abu Theeb, CEO of Saudi Coffee Company, said: “We are delighted to partner with Alghanim Industries, facilitating the integration of locally produced coffee beans in global coffee blends. This partnership underpins Saudi Coffee Company’s commitment to empowering the private sector in the coffee industry, as well as promoting Saudi-based coffee production across the region and globally. At Saudi Coffee Company and through its specialty coffee brand Jazean, we are keen to partake in sustainable coffee production processes across the full value chain, placing Saudi coffee beans on the global stage for coffee trade.”

Philippe Schaillee, CEO of Costa Coffee, said: “Alghanim has some of the best Costa Coffee stores in the world — helping us create a progressive and innovative brand in Saudi Arabia, targeting younger consumers, as well as inspiring those who already know and love the Costa Coffee brand. The partnership with Saudi Coffee Company is a fantastic example of how a global brand like Costa Coffee can operate in multiple markets and regions, whilst working with local partners to celebrate and champion the individual market’s heritage and produce.”

Alghanim Industries has established two state-of-the-art training centers in the Kingdom, dedicated to training and developing aspiring Saudi baristas to meet international standards.

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