Alicia Keys’ infamous Superbowl 2024 incident wiped from the internet

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Alicia Keys went viral after a less than stellar opening note at Sunday night’s Superbowl 2024, but watching back the performance now fans would have no idea.

Keys sang her 2003 hit song If I Ain’t Got You during Usher’s halftime show, and during the broadcast, her voice cracked as she started singing.

However, early Monday morning, the NFL published a video of the halftime show on its official YouTube page that featured an altered version of Keys’s performance with the vocals edited to be in-tune.

At the time it aired, fans rushed to social media to poke fun at the cringrworthy moment.

“Alicia done lost her f***ing keys, wtf was that??” one person joked, with another adding: “She’s a great singer, she just left her keys at the studio tonight.”

Now, those watching the video instead hear Keys smoothly singing the few first notes.

Fans who first noticed the moment appeared to have been edited took to Twitter to share their confusion.

“Fascinatingly, the official NFL YouTube channel appears to be attempting to erase that little moment, having edited it out in their upload (second video),” wrote a fan. Alongside the post, they included the original recording of Keys’ performance alongside the new YouTube version with the edited vocals.

“Personally this kinda grinds my gears because part of what makes live singing commendable is that mistakes may happen, and you’re vulnerable,” wrote the fan. “I wonder if she or her team was consulted for this edit, my guess is probably not based on the fast turnaround, but who knows.”

Other fans agreed, with one replying: “People need to hear what a live performance sounds like. Human beings are not perfect machines. They should leave it.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the event, Taylor Swift packed on the PDA with her boyfriend Travis Kelce and danced to one of her most famous hits at the star-studded Super Bowl afterparty.

After attracting plenty of attention from her A-list suite at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium during the game, the singer, 34, helped the Kansas City Chiefs star celebrate his team’s victory over the San Francisco 49ers at an epic bash.

The loved-up couple, who have been dating since at least September last year, shared a particularly sweet moment during the celebrations after Swift’s iconic love song, Love Story, came on.

The pair were seen serenading each other to the lyrics on the dancefloor before leaning in for a kiss.

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