AFL’s Gather Round guernsey torn to shreds on social media, Melbourne vs Adelaide

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Throughout the history of the AFL we’ve seen some extremely questionable guernseys that have been produced by teams.

On Thursday night however the cherry on top of the cake was shown off.

The only place to watch every game of Gather Round is on Fox Footy via Foxtel or Kayo Sports available on Hubbl.

As the league ventures into Adelaide for the second iteration of Gather Round, the AFL decided to get in on the act with its own creation.

With all 18 teams playing within close proximity over the course of the weekend, fans have even more opportunities to catch multiple teams in action.

So what does one wear if you’re going to see as many teams as humanly possible over the course of a few days? The AFL have you covered.

A tweet from the league account showcased a brand new Gather Round guernsey which showcases a logo from all 18 teams.

The reaction to the post wouldn’t have been what those in the front office would have been hoping for, with fans far and wide tearing the creation to shreds.

Former AFL player Andrew Walsh simply responded: “Yuck.”

Journalist Mark Gottlieb wrote: “If this is a real jumper for sale it is easily the worst piece of AFL merchandise I have ever seen. I would rather jump off a cliff than wear that.”

Another user wrote: “Walking around Melbourne in one of these shirts will definitely get you beat up, robbed or worse.”

One user took things to extreme lengths when describing just what he thought of the guernsey: “Today my kid took a sh*t in the car that exploded through the nappy, meaning when I got her out she was basically coated in sh*t from knees to chest. These jumpers are worse.”

While plenty of others simply asked for the league to “burn” the jumper as soon as possible.

Fans attending the Gather Round festivities were issued a warning ahead of the first game getting underway to watch how much alcohol they consume.

Ahead of the wildly popular footy round, several bodies have teamed up to form a consortium advocating for smart drinking.

The groups include DrinkWise, the South Australian Government, South Australian Police, Adelaide Metro and support services 1800RESPECT, Men’s Referral Service and 13YARN.

DrinkWise chief executive Simon Strahan said Australia was drinking more moderately than ever before and it was evident within the AFL community.

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