Adrian Portelli offers $100K reward for thieves who broke into his office on CCTV

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Block star and billionaire Adrian Portelli has offered a $100,000 reward after clueless thieves broke into his office with sledgehammers — only to find the place empty.

Mr Portelli, the flamboyant entrepreneur dubbed the “Lambo guy” known for his repeated purchases of multimillion-dollar properties on reality show The Block, shared CCTV footage on Instagram on Thursday of a group of thieves breaking into the offices of his online raffle business LMCT+ in Melbourne’s northern suburbs overnight.

“Alright so last night a few guys with sledgehammers thought it would be a good idea to break through the window in the LMCT headquarters and they thought they were going to be welcomed to a big pot of gold so they could just run away to Barbados and live off the money,” the 34-year-old told his 292,000 Instagram followers.

“Guys — I do not keep money, keys, anything of value on site. If you want yourself a Coco Republic couch you’re more than welcome to break in and come steal it, but if you want cash or any other goodies there’s nothing here. I’m from West as well, mate, you think I’m going to f**king sit here publicising all this cash and then be like, oh yeah, it’s at the factory, come on guys help yourself to it? F**k, come on, mate, smarten up.”

Mr Portelli said he wanted to “make some fun of it”.

“We’re going to play a little game — it’s called convict the criminal,” he said.

“I’m going to give someone $100,000, transferred into their bank instantly, for anyone that provides information that leads to an arrest and a conviction. Guys, $100,000 if you give the information to me or the police that are on this case.”

At least four masked thieves, some wearing headlamps, were seen in CCTV footage ransacking the LMCT+ offices, including flipping over a couch, before leaving in a hurry after realising there was nothing of value.

Another CCTV video showed the perpetrators’ alleged vehicle, a dark-coloured four-door ute.

“Did they take anything? No they left empty-handed in their pursuit of happiness, trying to find their pot of gold,” Mr Portelli said.

“Guys, all you have to do is buy a package, mate, you’re not going to steal it. It’d be easier to buy a package and try and win it than try and find it in a place that it’s not at. It’s at the bank. So if you want to rob the bank you’re more than welcome to. But $100,000 up for grabs, let’s get your thinking caps on, let’s go detectives, share this post. Just for the f**king inconvenience, they’ve f**ked up my morning, so I’m willing to cough up $100,000 to make these guys pay.”

In another video he joked that the thieves had done him a favour.

“A big, big shout out to the guys that broke into the shop last night,” he said.

“You’ve given me a bunch of new content that I actually desperately needed. We were running low on content. You guys did me wonders. But if you do want to win $350,000 the legal way, here is the link here. It’s only $10, it’s a lot less effort than stealing a car, breaking into a place, now you’ve got all the police on your tail and your mates will probably rat you out for $100,000.”

Victoria Police has been contacted for comment.

LMCT+, founded in 2018 by Mr Portelli and Troy Williams, is a flashy lottery business that gives away houses, cars and cash under a legal loophole.

Technically it sells subscriptions, costing up to $100 a month, to a buyers club providing discounts across more than 700 retailers.

But LMCT+ is best known for its high-profile giveaways, which it operates as a “trade promotion” — a type of lottery originally designed to help businesses attract customers by rewarding them with prizes — under a license issued in NSW, the Herald Sun previously reported.

In October, the newspaper revealed gambling regulators in South Australia and Victoria had launched investigations into the company after receiving complaints, while NSW’s Office of Fair Trading said it had investigated LMCT+ in 2022 and found no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Mr Portelli told the Herald Sun at the time he “welcomed” the investigation.

“I pay six figures every week in tax, I’m happy to pay my tax,” he said.

“You can’t be this public and not have everything in order. We’ve been operating for five years now. I welcome anyone to come here and question, tear it apart, bring it on.”

Mr Portelli is worth a reported $1 billion and is known for his eye-watering spending.

A university dropout, he initially worked at his father’s truck repair business before striking riches in Los Angeles working in tech start ups.

He teamed up with his tech-savvy flatmate while in the US to develop several successful apps, which they then sold at enormous profits.

It comes a week after Mr Portelli welcomed a baby boy with his girlfriend Karlie Butler.

Last year, he made headlines after using a crane to lift his $3 million McLaren Senna GTR 57 levels into his $39 million Melbourne penthouse.

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