A road rage incident in Queensland is filmed by horrified students

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Sounds of school children screaming could be heard as a man was beaten with a spirit level tool in horrific footage circulating online.

The incident occurred on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in the idyllic regional town of Bli Bli, Nine Newsreported.

Footage was later shared on social media with the caption: “Road rage in Bli Bli this afternoon! Some bloke gets a good flogging with a spirit level”.

Local school students captured the incident while riding the school bus, and you can hear shrieking and one student saying, “I’m scared” as the violent event unfolded.

Horror Queensland road rage encounter captured on camera

A barefoot tradie reached into his vehicle, which had been pulled over on the side of the road, retrieved a spirit leveller, and began to chase another man in a bright shirt.

The man tried to evade him, and another driver, who was also pulled over on the side of the road, tried to stop the tradie but was unsuccessful.

The man in the bright shirt who was trying to evade the barefoot tradie tripped before the tradie struck him multiple times with the spirit leveller.

Locals then jumped in and stopped him.

While the attack was taking place, school students could be heard expressing their horror and fear at what they were seeing.

Police are investigating the incident but no charges have been laid, according to Nine News.

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